Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stream of Consciousness Blogging ...

A peak into the mind of Lacey.  Its a dangerous and scary thing.

Any kid that comes over to my house to play with Jake is guaranteed a good time.  As the mom of an autistic kid who has trouble making friends I covet playdates.  So, should your kid show up at my door and want to play with mine I am going to give your kid anything they want.  If they want homemade ice cream I will go to the store, buy whipping cream and a churn and crank that thing until my arm falls off if it keeps your kid happy and playing at my house.
In fact, moving away from all the awesome kids in our neighborhood is the thing I'm going to miss the very most about Fort Leavenworth besides missing my own friends.  I love a Sunday afternoon where there is total pandemonium in my house with kids running around laughing and yelling.  I love that there are no playdate arrangements that need to be made for that to happen.  Kids just show up.  I got up from my nap today to find we'd gained two kids and lost Reid for the afternoon (a totally fair trade, I might add).  I love it.
And I'm sad for Jake who is going to be leaving behind some of the first real friends he has ever had.  I'm sad for all my kids to leave their friends but its going to be the hardest for Jake.  The other kids will make friends anywhere.  Ainsley could be friends with a stick.  Reid can be friends with any kid that likes animals and weapons.  Jane Dare has a scary ability to make friends and influence people.   That girl makes me nervous, if you catch my drift.  I don't actually catch my drift, so if you understand what I'm thinking could you let me know?  Thanks.
But for Jake, I'm sad.  Do you think his buddy's parents would notice if I kidnapped their son and brought him to NC?  They are moving to Germany so maybe I can convince them he wants to be an exchange student and live with us.

Moving on.  My girls are still convinced I'm very injured because I still have stitches in and have to ice my knee.  I receive get well cards on a regular basis.  I need to figure out how to milk this more efficiently.

My neighbors across the street just got a puppy.  Talk about best possible situation for me! My kids can go love it and squeeze it and play with it and then when they lose interest, as all kids do, we can leave and I don't have do anything else.  Thank you H family!  Does it bother anyone else as much as me when people say that their dog is potty trained?  I seriously doubt that your dog does, in fact, use the commode.  Why is it so hard to say house trained?  Or yard trained, more appropriately!  Now there is even a Barbie with a dog that poops (GROSS!!!) and its called Potty Trainin' Barbie or something like that.  I knew that the Mattel people were kind of dumb but it amazes me that something that ridiculous made it to market with that stupid name.  They and the people who made the Doggie Doo Doo board game should all be shot.


Red said...

Oh my, I love you so much...this is hysterical!

Amber Johns said...

I can actually hear you have this conversation with someone. LOVE YOU LACEY!