Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And now a moment to make all you moms feel better about yourselves

I know that title is a little bit long but bear with me. I'm traumatized. I found out today on the 6th day of kindergarten that I have been screwing up snack time for Jake ever since we started full time school a week ago. Somehow there was a miscommunication and I thought they just did drinks at snack time so I've been sending money for juice or milk. Well, today in the kindergarten newsletter there was a reminder to all parents to "please remember to send in a snack for your child as its a long school day and the children get very hungry". I think I stopped breathing for a minute when I read that. So as I was sitting with Jake doing his homework I asked him about it and he dissolved into tears. Told me (through sobs) that everyone else had a snack and he didn't have any. At this point I was contemplating suicide. Then he went in his closet and cried even harder. Now I'm thinking about contacting someone to waterboard me and then they can kill me.
That's it. I have no happy ending. But rest assured there is snack packed for tomorrow. Then a friend sent me this link and it made me smile again. My favorite one is "Google does not have children" . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taDqKWWPDAY


David and Red said...

I just want to reach out and give you and my sweet Jakey a big hug. I'm sorry sweetie. Just remember that I often say "Lacey says" when contemplating parenting advise (or lets face it, fashion advise, pet advise, ok all advise! :) and I couldn't do that if you weren't a FANTASTIC momma to those 4 little blessings and a pretty spectacular woman as well.

Sending you a HUGE virtual hug...call me tomorrow. I'm free all day and will be home from my walk around 9:30ish. I love you!!

Sarah said...

Oh Lacey!!!!!!!!! I am SO sorry. It's all a learning curve..just remember that! My kids always had hurting feet because I never remembered to up the shoe size in time. And I loved that video. I would add "It goes SO quickly..enjoy every moment!"