Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Tale of Three Lovies

This post probably doesn't need to much explanation but I'll give a brief story anyway. When Ains was born Ryan's aunt and uncle sent her lovie number one pictured far left. Its had a few nicknames - the Lover, Jorge, Juan - but Lovie is the name that has stuck. When we realized that she was getting attached we ordered lovie number two (center). For a while it didn't matter to her which was she had and they were virtually indistinguishable but all of the sudden she made it clear that her heart belonged to the one and only "real Lovie" (as opposed to "other lovie"). In a bind other Lovie will do but she always goes back to the original. So when Jane Dare came along I ordered her two bunny lovies of her own (which I hope to use interchangeably for as long as possible!). I just could not resist snapping a picture of the three all lined up to show the life of an adored Lovie. If I chose correctly than Jane Dare's will probably be in the same shape in 4 years!

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Troy said...

Oh my! Maybe it is a good idea to have 5 like we do:)