Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shame On Me

There is something wrong in America today. Something very, very wrong. Its been a problem for longer than I've even been alive and there was a time when I was sickened and angry about it. And I couldn't imagine voting for a politician who stood on the other side of the line from me on this issue. And then I felt like I "grew up" politically and that as I became more evolved I felt like this issue was a lost cause and so I shouldn't vote singularly on this issue. And while that might be true I let myself become more callous then I'm prepared to admit. I was no longer outraged. I started to accept it.
On Sunday Ryan was teaching Sunday School in the adult class he is team teaching at our church. The issue up for discussion was human rights and we batted around theories on atrocities happening around the globe such as forced prostitution, slavery, torture for religous beliefs and we all felt sick discussing these things. And then it hit me that the single greatest human rights violation ever is happening each and every day (legally) right here in our very own country. Abortion. Let me say it again (to use a Biden-ism) ABORTION. The very tiniest and most helpless of human beings are being murdered in the safest place there should be - their mothers' wombs.
So shame on me for letting myself become complacent about this issue. For thinking there is nothing I can do. For being remiss in my prayers asking our Father in heaven to help us defeat the legal practice of abortions.
If you disagree with me about this issue then I want to ask one thing of you. Please watch this video . If you are a believer then please pray about this video. And then I would welcome any comments, discussion or fair arguments on this issue.

And if you want to know a bit more about Obama's stand on some past abortion bills I was fascinated to read this article from the National Right to Life website. Even if you can make peace with abortion I can't undertand how anyone can stand behind a decision that would stop a bill to keep doctors from killing infants who are born alive after failed abortion attempts.


Anonymous said...

Amen! Thanks for having the courage to take a stand. I couldn't agree more with what you had to say.

Stephanie & Gabe said...

I love you Lacey. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and well written statement. My heart is bursting with pride.

Richard said...

Lacey, you raise the issue of whether abortion should be a singular issue, i.e. a litmus test for presidential candidates. I heard an interesting analogy the other day. Let's say there is a candidate you like. You like their domestic policy, their foreign policy, their energy policy. He/she has great hair, a nice smile and is very articulate. But let's also say they think that it is OK to take bribes, and that is the way they would run their administration. Or, even worse, that they were a convicted pedophile. Would you vote for them? I think the answer is obviously "no". That singular flaw would outweigh all the good they might say or do. I can't think of a more important moral issue than the right of helpless babies to live. Our next President has immense power on this issue due to his right to appoint justices to the Supreme Court. Barach has made his stance very clear by the vote you cite to support death for babies who are born alive as a reusult of a botched abortion. That is probably the most radical position on abortion in the Senate. I don't want to line up with the Eric Rudolphs who think it is OK to bomb clinics. That is wrong. But maybe instead of lobbing a bomb I can simply cast a vote.

Sarah said...

Amen Lacey! This is THE civil rights issue of our day. Who would have dared to say not to vote on a single issue when the civil rights issue was race? Of COURSE people did! We just need to remember to VOTE for life and then be prepared to get in the trenches with people that go through an unplanned pregnancy. We have to vote and work.