Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Birthday Party To End All Parties

Yesterday the kids and I met up with Ryan at Outlaw Field here in Clarksville for the birthday party of the century. I knew going into it that chances were good this party would be amazing but I think I can now safely say this party would kick the ass of any party I could even attempt to throw in order to outdo it. So what was this party? What woman was capable of throwing such a fete? What children were deserving enough to deserve the ultimate party ever?

I'll tell you who. The same mom who dropped Saint Patrick's Day goody bags into Ainsley's cubby at school last year (and every other holiday too). Who never failed to look chic despite having twin (boy!) two year olds. Who also managed to juggle working part time and supporting her husband in a very successful Army career. That's who.

So when the twins mom ran up to me at school pickup on Monday to tell me she was throwing together a last minute birthday party for the boys I knew something great was in store. Ainsley was specially requested by the boys (along with just a couple other friends) as a guest. They've had a special relationship ever since last year in the 1's class when those little guys became quite adept at helping Ainsley locate lovie whenever it was misplaced. She always rewarded them with a big hug and a kiss - so the story goes.

We met up at 3pm yesterday afternoon at Outlaw Field where our pilot, Mr Chuck Twomey, had his 1954 Bell 47-G helicopter ready to go. Each kid and parent where taken on a 5 - 10 minute jaunt around the area and it was amazing. Ryan took Jake who held his hands over his ears the whole time but still enjoyed it. I took Ainsley who, for once, was so in awe she sat stock still with a big goofy grin on her face. She absolutely loved it and wanted to go up again for another ride in the "heli-opter". This was my first time on a helicopter and it was very nerve racking but also very cool. In true "awesome mom" fashion the birthday boys mom had a goody bag for each family with snacks, drinks, bubbles and chalk to amuse the kids while they waited their turn. Then each kid was presented with wings when the ride was over by the boys pilot dad.

We then proceeded over to the boys house for pizza, cake, libation and a big ol' jumper in the backyard to help the kids where off the sugar rush. Oh, did I mention the libation included plenty o' beer for the parents? At that point I threw my white flag of surrender up and swore to the twin's mom that I would never even attempt to outdo her. This was the party to end all parties and we are so glad we were invited!

Ry and Jake after their flight:

Ainsley and I in the helicopter:

Ainsley and one of the bday boys :


Amanda said...

WOW, that was one heck of a party. So my pony next weekend at Cole's party means absolutely NOTHING next to a helicopter ride. Drats...oh well we'll hopefully never be invited to such an awesome party. lol

Amber said...

hmmm..well this puts a whole new thought process on what to do for Andrew's birthday...maybe I could arrange for a private jet to Disney World? Wanna come?
Love the pics tho!