Thursday, July 17, 2014

Make. It. Stop.

Put down your phone!
Clean less, play more!
Your kids aren't the center of the universe!
Never feed your kids these top 10 horrible foods!
Say no to electronics this summer!
Do these 20 fun, easy Pinterest activities for an amazing summer!

Make. It. Stop.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to scream if one more message of how I should be parenting comes across my news feed.  I completely understand why some people choose to flee the never ending drone of the world's voices rather than stay connected through social media.

This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table with Reid working on his Christmas list.  Yes, that's right, his Christmas list.  In July.  But heck, I figured that it would be a good opportunity to spend time with him and even get him to practice some writing together.  As we worked he kept getting frustrated and what should have been a sweet time together turned into an all-out effort on my part to keep to keep my own frustrations from boiling over.  Because guess what: No matter how much time I give my kids its never enough for them.  

It seems to me that the underlying message out there is that if you do X, Y & Z (see above) your kids will be happy, healthy and content.  I call bull$hit.  

Almost every time I try to do a fun activity it seems that it ends with me near tears and ready to off the next kid who says something negative.  As an example let's say that I saw a cool idea on Pinterest about making super bubbles. In a moment of weakness and stupidity I think this sounds awesome.  It will go something like this:

Load kids in car to go get supplies for cool activity.  Because, of course, I don't have them on hand.
Listen to whining at store -we are not going to look at toys or get treats, we are just here for 1 thing.
The supplies cost around $20.  Money I could have spent going to the movies and having 2 hours of peace.
But I press on.  This will be fun and I will be a good mom for having done it.
Get home and try to read instructions and do setup while listening to constant questions and badgering.
Jake tries to steal my ipad (with said instructions) so he can play.
Try to calmly explain why I need ipad.
Break up fights that erupt in my state of distraction.
Get back to set up.
Kid knocks over $20 ingredient but I salvage enough to move forward.
Bring everyone outside to attempt awesome experiment.
It doesn't work. 
Everyone is disappointed.  $20 down the drain.

And are my kids thankful and brimming with gratitude because I tried? HECK NO.

Their frustrated. I'm frustrated.  I send everyone to their rooms to think about their attitudes and appreciate what I've tried to do for them.   I feel defeated.

I guess this is the part of the blog where I should get all philisophical and share with you the true path to happy, contented and grateful kids which (big surprise here) would have nothing to do with following everyone else's instructions.  But I don't know what that path is.  I'm still fumbling along, almost 10 years into this thing called motherhood, trying to figure it out. 

So I guess that is what I can offer you, fellow mother.  You aren't alone.  You aren't the only one who is confused.  You aren't the only one who wants to give up sometimes.  And hopefully that will be something.

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