Monday, March 4, 2013

Not Forgotten

Do you remember how I was saying (whining) back at the beginning of this deployment that its tempting to withdraw, to pull into my shell.  And then when I pull into my shell I feel forgotten.  And when I feel forgotten then I pull even tighter into the shell.  Its a cycle.  A cycle of my own making and one that can make deployment really hard.

I've been there before.  Many times.  But not today.  Not this cycle.  Not yet.

I'm overwhelmed with the love and generosity and kindness I have been shown.  Its the big things and the small things and all the things in between that have left my heart full and my mind reeling at His goodness to me.

Its a text from a friend that there is a credit in your name at Swank.  So go and enjoy a scone and a coffee and take a moment to breathe.

Its a card in the mail that reminds you that you are being praying for and loved on.  One that even goes so far as to write out the prayer so you can feel yourself being lifted up and lifted closer to Him.

Its the call from the highly recommended therapy center that had told you last week that there was going to be quite a wait list - to tell you that the wait list has opened up and therapy for your son can begin as early as next week.  To remind me I'm certainly not forgotten by the Father.

Its the message from a friend to celebrate one month down and to remind you that you are in their prayers constantly.  Followed by the message from the other half of that marriage to tell you to say the word and he will be here to help.

Its the friend willing to drive your cub scout to the den meeting so you don't have to drag your sick little one out of bed.

Its the other friend willing to shuttle your kids to and from school when you need a hand.

Its the brother-in-law who helps your vomit covered little girl into the bath with as much care and love as her daddy would.

Its the fellow Army spouse who texts to ask if she can share the soup she has just made - and then brings over not just soup but delicious bread and cookies too.

Its the friend who knocks on your car window on Valentine's Day and hands you a bag of goodies to make sure you feel loved and special.

Its the brother & sister-in-law who drive 4 hours for a 3 hour visit to make sure your little man's birthday is special.

Its the parents who drive 4 hours to pit crew for the Pinewood Derby.

Its the friend who will drive to her house to get steri-strips to help piece your son's face back together so you don't have to make an ER trip at 10 pm on a Tuesday night.

Its the running buddy who takes your crazy 5 year old off your hands after you both finish a grueling 20 miler so you can get some rest.

Its the mother-in-law who drops everything so that you don't have to drop anything.

Its the friend who you can text on a Saturday night when your house suddenly explodes in sickness and know she will be there in minutes with gatorade, popsicles and ginger ale.

And the many other friends who have insisted I note their numbers in my phone.  Who tell me to call anytime.  To ask for whatever I need. Because I know they mean it and I know I will do it if I need to.  Its the fact that I'm afraid to hit the Publish button because as many things as I've just listed I'm sure there is more that I've forgotten.

Once again I'm humbled. And I'm grateful. And I'm so incredibly blessed.


Gwendolyn Rodriguez said...

God uses many arms to give you a hug and many voices to say, "I love you."

jaredtrumbo said...

My sacrifice was not even a drop in the bucket compared to the sacrifice your family is offering. i only wish I could do more.

Allie Osman said...

I'm so glad you're feeling loved. I know what you mean. Matt is only gone for 8 days, and a friend just brought me lunch and another friend on my street has been moving my newspaper from the curb to my front door. Such sweet blessings. I hope the kids feel better soon! I hate that they're sick.