Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the Road Again

So I think I'm officially back to running. My month off set me back about 7 pounds which was not a highlight but I still managed to rest my foot enough and wait it out until I felt it was good enough to run on. Started out with just 30 minutes slow-ish on the treadmill on Tuesday. Felt good so I took off yesterday and then ran my regular route this morning. It felt good the majority of the time except when I'd step on a rock funny. Its felt good (pain free) all the rest of today so I'm encouraged in that and ready to get serious about training for the Army 10 Miler.

As a result of moving to the area and making lots of new facebook connections with people I'm getting to know I'm feeling a bit more shy with what I put out on my blog. Right now I just feel like writing a big old whiny post but I'm hesitant because I don't want to scare any newcomers away from me. I feel like the majority of my posts since I moved here have been whiny rather than cheerful. Its just still so hard to feel like I belong here sometimes and on weeks like this one (where I'm extra emotional) it really gets to me. I've met soooo many welcoming, kind, friendly women here so that isn't the problem. The problem is that many of these women have a life here - a busy, friend filled, fruitful life - and it doesn't happen to revolve around me. Insanity, I know. And I am insanely busy too but right now that mostly involves taking my children to a never ending parade of doctor's appointments, trying so hard to keep up with my housekeeping & occasionally working a project or two into the mix. Bottom line is that I'm lonely. I want to pick up the phone and call someone but then I stop because I don't want to whine or become a burden.
I know that when we find a church and really settle in that will (hopefully) help. I'm really craving a community group situation like what we had back in TN and I pray that there is one out there for us.
And before I chicken out from sharing my heart I'm going to hit the publish post button.


Stephanie said...

I'm so feeling you Lacey! As I told my friend from college, it's no easier moving and making new friends as an adult than it is as a highschooler. I'll be praying for you all, as we have been. Praying for the strength we all need as we send our boys on to that big scary world of kindergarten. Prayers as we figure out where our niche is. I love you friend! I think we all need to go on a big Remick, Johnson, Pigg, Hubble, Trumbo beach vacation. Or better yet, go on a girl's only vacation!

Jessica said...

Lacey - I learn more about you each time I read your blog, I hope I'm not one of the people you don't want to be too whiney with because I think you've seen the tears from my eyes more than most already and i've only known you a short time. I feel lonely too girl and I have been despirately looking for that 'group', I had it with MOPS but am really REALLY nervous about not having any girlfriends with home schooling. Call me when you feel like picking up the phone, you are not a burden. I never call anyone for the same reason. I love you friend, already you have become a close friend and that doesn't normally happen for me so quickly. I didn't even know you were back to running, how's that possible? Lets start back on our shred work out next week, if nothing else it will help us shed this coat of bashfulness with one another and move deeper into our you said working out together is bonding on a totally different level. I know that when I get into my little cave of selfpity it's hard for me to get out, so maybe I should take my own advice and pick up that phone when I'm feeling that way too. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Sarah said...

We miss you too Lacey! Community group here isn't the same with out the Trumbos. I'll be praying for you to find the "niche" that you need.

We love you!

Kimiko said...

Hey! So I want to come cheer for you when you run the ten miler. Do you need a place to stay? If not, could you at least attempt to meet up with me? Do I sound pathetic? I am. I almost emailed you separately, so no one else could see that I am so lame.

Kimberlee said...

Awww, me ANYTIME!! You know I have no life and only one kid to tote around! I can also vent and whine with the best of 'em. I hope to see you soon!